Tha Places Dat the posse is Playin'!

    Hey Fools! We are gonna play at the Metaphor cafe.
    Located at tha corna of Juniper and 2nd ave in south-side
    esco(Escondido for the idiots). starts at 8 o'clock(PM for the idiots.) It's free and on Saturday, August 23rd!  See ya there!
                              if there is any birthday party, barmitzfas(jewish 13 year olds for the idiots), get togethers, SOMA, SD Showcase theater, funeals, hole in the wall pieces of CRAP,or perhaps your own backyard and you would like to have some kickn' tunes
    (no charge to you of course)(FREE for the idiots) just E-mail me at or!!! Give me date/time and I'll get back to you!

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