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Deep in the South Pacific lies an undiscovered island. This island housed a people raised on the foundation of song and the luxury of time. An
island named after it's amphibious and bat- like people.... AQUABANIA! Life could not be too good on the island, from churro baking contests
to Calypso Camp, until an evil force descended upon the island and life would never be the same.
Pushed to the brink of disaster, 8 (or sometimes 9) men escaped impending doom. In a hollowed out log, these 8 (or 9) men made their way to
the highestwaterfall and dropped into the raging sea. Drifting aimlessly for days, they washed up on a sandy beach owned by a fantastically
insane scientist known only as "The Professor". Pulling them from their wooded tomb, he laid them on the sand and having pity on them, he
took them under his care. Later, they explained their story and looked up into his bespectacled eyes for pity.
Learning of their peril, he decided to help them fight their cause by giving them the only gift he was capable of - The Power of Insanity.
Through the use of the Professor's scientiffically altered convenience store foods, these 8 (or 9) men gained powers well beyond that of ordinary
Aquabanians. They became the "AquaBuds". . . then the "AquaBoys". . . then finally , just "Mel and Friends". But later the truth was revealed
With their new found abilities, they set out on a rigorous course of training. Everyday the Professor would would give them their morning corn
dog and they set out to the water for surf and energy enhancing sun activities. Later in the day, a nourishing churro would give them the power
they needed to withstand even a brick to the forehead.
In the evening , they played music (which the Professor would help them with his own Hypno-mind-controlling wave patterns). This would help
them gain the unwilling loyalty of those who would dare to listen! By gaining such a following, the Professor knew they (and he) could gain
power over the evil forces that led them so far from home.
Armed with radioactive rash guards and anti-negativity helmets, these 8 (or 9) Aquabats had set out to "CONQUER THE WORLD!!!!"